Fair Comment

30 03 2010

Category: Media

This blog does not have a comment section. Have you ever read the comments people leave on websites? That’s why.

The Press Complaints Commission has, for the first time, censured a blogger; Rod Liddle. Liddle writes for a magazine, and the blog was hosted by the magazine which is why the PCC got involved.

He put up a nasty post which was factually inaccurate. Liddle has bought into the idea of the web as a place you can say what you like and his posts are suitably rude and bilious.

The net is an immature medium, hopefully the viciousness that permeates its discourse is something it will grow out of. Some of the posts from this blog are cross-posted by other sites which have comments enabled; they quickly descend into exchanges of abuse and threat… Read the rest of this entry »