Journalists and Morality…

25 11 2009

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News is entertainment. My first editor would go ballistic if anyone referred to our programme as ‘news‘ or a ‘bulletin‘. It was a ‘show‘. And it was. Our goal was to get viewers.

I heard somewhere that the Daily Express reckons it adds 250,000 readers every time they put a story about Michael Jackson on the cover. So they do, a lot. And Madeleine McCann. And Princess Diana.

A.N. Wilson on Any Questions, BBC Radio 4,  13th November 2009:

If you have ever been a journalist…you will realise that journalists are not moral people. We don’t think ‘is this right?’ or ‘is this wrong?’, we think; ‘is this a good story?’

Newspapers are not, as they claim to be, journals of record; they are fairy tales, they are branches of mythology.

Subtlety not required

28 10 2009

Category: Media

The journalism school I went to had a newsroom in Chicago in the same building as the local TV news, the Playboy organisation, and a supermarket. I was in the supermarket once when a news crew loomed into view trying to get reactions about something. I saw an opportunity to try an experiment; I thought that I could virtually guarantee myself a place on the news… Read the rest of this entry »