State Funded Majority

11 04 2010

Category; Politics, Finance

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The OECD reports that more than 53% of GDP is now in the Public Sector, not so long ago it was 40%.

There are 6 million people employed in the public sector. I’ve recently mentioned Milovan Djilas writings about the New Class in former Yugoslavia, governing in its own interests rather than those of the state.

When the public sector reaches a certain point it has a distorting effect politically… Read the rest of this entry »

The New Class

9 04 2010

Category: Politics

United Nations

Robin Shepherd gives an interesting analysis of the culture of the UK Foreign Office in Standpoint magazine.

He applies Milovan Djilas’ writings (about the privileged “New Class” of Yugoslavia) to explain how this diplomatic class has its own interests in which it acts, alongside its role in international diplomacy… Read the rest of this entry »