Rowan Laxton – Undiplomatic

18 10 2009

Category: Law, Media, Middle East, Politics, Anti-Semitism, Rowan Laxton

(Update – In March 2010 Rowan Laxton was acquitted of racially aggravated public disorder after a retrial – see here for more)

In September 2009 I was idly looking at the BBC website and came across the case of Rowan Laxton. I wouldn’t normally have seen it; it was placed in the London section in the bottom right hand corner, the most obscure position it could possibly have been placed in with a headline “Race abuse diplomat convicted.” When I read the report I was surprised that I had not heard of the case before and that it had been hidden in the remotest corner of the BBC site. I think the case has lots of interesting aspects. Read the rest of this entry »