Denry & The Daily Telegraph

14 09 2015

Here’s an article in the Daily Telegraph based on Denry’s Post about Jeremy Corbyn’s campaigning for convicted terrorists – see here for the post.

Click on the link below for a pdf of the Daily Telegraph article or click here to see it on The Telegraph’s website:

Jeremy Corbyn campaigned for release of Embassy bombers – Telegraph

Is the Co-op a Super PAC?

17 05 2015

Britain’s 2015 election saw a new campaign trick, imported from America and benefitting the Labour Party. Labour hired David Axelrod for the campaign, he was touted as the ‘wizard’ behind Barack Obama’s winning election campaign and maybe Super-PAC style politics hitting the UK political scene was one of his spells.

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Red Aristocracy

12 10 2010

Category: Politics

A striking feature of the new front bench of the Labour Party is how dynastic the party has become.

Never mind the emergence of the professional political class, which aims for and knows only the political world, there’s an added layer of relationships; Labour has turned into a political aristocracy.

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