BBC Trust Ruling on Kevin Connolly

26 03 2014

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imagesThe BBC Trust has released its ruling on my complaint about a Radio 4 Today Programme report. As already noted the ruling confirms the report was inaccurate and misleading. See page 4 and pages 9 -23.


It is not clear what the BBC will do to ‘remedy’ the breach, nor what Kevin Connolly thinks about it all. His colleague Jeremy Bowen has rejected the last BBC Trust decision against him. It is difficult to see how Connolly can square spending almost three years defending what he considers to have been sterling work to be told by his regulator that it is in fact rotten journalism. Read the rest of this entry »

Rogue Editor

14 03 2014

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BBC Middle East Editor Jeremy Bowen has been lambasting the BBC Trust over its censure of his journalism 5 years ago. It’s interesting timing on Bowen’s part. Why bring it up now?

Does he know something? Is there a timely reason to be trying to undermine the Trust’s rulings? Read the rest of this entry »

Human Rights Muddle

5 03 2011

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BBC Middle East Editor Jeremy Bowen and Gaddaffi 1/3/11

This is the photo the BBC chose to put on it’s homepage on 1/3/11 for coverage of the ongoing crisis in Libya. It shows their Middle East Editor with Colonel Gaddaffi.

As I write this Colonel Gaddafi is holding onto power in Libya while insurgents hold various parts of the country and there are sporadic battles.

Internationally there are calls for the overthrow of Gaddafi and calls for foreign intervention to bring that about. Things are changing on a daily, an hourly basis at times. The situation may be different tomorrow.

This episode brings into focus the values that drive Human Rights as a political and legal issue. On what grounds should the west be actively working for his overthrow? Read the rest of this entry »