Jenny Tonge and Political Reality

28 11 2010

Category: Politics, Middle East, Anti-Semitism

It’s hard to feel sorry for a man because he’s been elevated to the House of Lords, but I do.

That man is Monroe Palmer – click here for a profile. The reason I feel sorry for him is that I can’t help wondering whether his elevation is an act of enormous cynicism by his party, the Liberal Democrats: That they have installed him as a counterbalance to Baroness Jenny Tonge. Read the rest of this entry »

Heroes of the Western Media

24 01 2010

Category: Media

News as entertainment may not be a new complaint – even if, as a friend of mine diplomatically put it, it’s good to be reminded of it by me occasionally – but it’s been well-illustrated in the coverage of the Haiti earthquake.

An incomprehensible and thus far incalculable number of people died in a lawless and corrupt country that sits atop a long-known geological fault and now lacks even the ability to take care of those who survived.

Luckily news organisations have a much better story. They had crews on the ground almost instantly and whatever damage has been caused hasn’t interfered with their ability to beam live pictures. Read the rest of this entry »