Corbyn’s Unwholesome Connections

6 09 2015
Jeremy Corbyn at PRC Event

Jeremy Corbyn at PRC Event

There has been a focus on Jeremy Corbyn’s links to the group Interpal – see here – but I can reveal his close association with another group that could give nightmares to the UK security chiefs required to brief him; The PRC.

The Palestine Return Centre was exposed earlier this year in a Sunday Telegraph investigation into a cluster of extremist groups in a building in North London. Of the PRC, they said:

The PRC has close links to the [Muslim] Brotherhood, sharing directors with the Muslim Association of Britain, the Brotherhood’s main declared British affiliate.

However, it is also claimed by the Israeli government to be “Hamas’s organisational branch in Europe” whose members are “senior Hamas leaders who promote the movement’s agenda in Europe”.

The PRC denies these claims . However, it has regularly hosted Hamas leaders, including Mr Haniyeh, at its annual conferences.

The Sunday Telegraph – click here to see the article.

Click here to see PRC’s denial of Hamas links.

Jeremy Corbyn spent a week in Syria in 2009 on a trip paid for and hosted by PRC, touring Palestinian refugee camps with his ideological soulmate Baroness Jenny Tonge – click here for his mention of that in a speech in Parliament.

It’s a close association with the PRC that has brought him into contact with the notorious and the undesirable. A search on the PRC website – see here – returns 99 references to Corbyn including numerous meetings hosted for the PRC by Corbyn at the House of Commons and many more he has attended and addressed. These include:

  • 04/11/13

A meeting at the House of Commons hosted by Corbyn calling for the British government to apologise for the Balfour Declaration;

Member of Parliament, Jeremy Corbyn, apologized sincerely for what he described as the historical mistake by Britain. He called on the British government to redeem its mistake and its ongoing impact.

Reported by PRC – click here for a report of the meeting

The meeting was also addressed by David Ward (suspended by the Liberal Democrats for unacceptable comments on Israel), and Baroness Jenny Tonge (suspended by the Liberal Democrats for unacceptable comments on Israel)

Click here for more on David Ward

Click here for more on Baroness Jenny Tonge

  • 09/09/13

International Conference on Oslo accord London

Addressed by Jeremy Corbyn and Rev Dr. Stephen Sizer, who was banned from social media by the Church of England after saying Israel was responsible for the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Centre. Corbyn said Sizer was the victim of a pro- Israel smear campaign.

Click here for an article in the Independent about that, and click here for an article from the Daily Mail

The keynote speaker was controversial commentator Abdul Bari Atwan who was alleged to have received a monthly stiped from Libyan dictator Colonel Muamar Gaddaffi – click here for details of that. He is also reported as saying he would dance in the street if Iranian missiles hit Israel – click here for details of that


  • 16/01/12

Palestine Memorial Week Launch.

Jeremy Corbyn was in the chair for this PRC event at which he;

“criticized the constant Israeli crimes against Palestinian people.  He stressed the need to expose Israeli crimes worldwide especially the UK.”

Reported by the PRC – see here for their report of the meeting

The meeting was also addressed by Dr. Mads Gilbert, a notorious Israel opponent. For more background on the controversy about Gilbert click here.

  • 05/01/12

Political misuse of health in Palestine

An event held at Parliament

The Palestinian Return Centre (PRC) is organising an evening of discussion in the House of Common from 6 -8 pm as part of the third Palestine Memorial Week on the 16th of Jan. 2012.  The week aims to commemorating the memory of Palestinian victims over the past Six decades especially the last war in Gaza.

The event will be hosted by Jeremy Corbyn MP, where the key speaker will be Dr Mads Gilbert.

As reported by the PRC – see here


  • 14/03/11

International Conference on the Rights of Palestinian Prisoners, Geneva

Jeremy Corbyn’s speech at this event is reported on the PRC site by Lauren Booth, another controversial activist – see here for her account of her falling out with the Palestine Solidarity Campaign for not being radical enough, and click here for a review of Booth’s statements.

click here for the PRC’s report of the event



  • 09/02/11

PRC delegation to Lebanon included Jeremy Corbyn and his secretary Nicolette Petersen.

Reported by PRC, see here for one of the reports on the trip



  • 17/01/11

Ongoing Nakba Conference

Jeremy Corbyn addressed this PRC conference along with Mads Gilbert and Ibrahim Hewitt and the extraordinarily unpleasant character Paul Laduree. He is worthy of more space so I return to him in a later post – click here for that.

Reported by the PRC – see here for that. And see here for the speeches online


  • 14/01/10

Palestine Memorial Week

Jeremy Corbyn and Jenny Tonge are speakers and another extraordinary individual, the hatemonger Peter Eyre, is recorded by the PRC as giving a ‘detailed presentation’ Peter Eyre is also worth a lot more space so I give some background to him in a subsequent post – click here for that

Reported by the PRC – See here for that.

  • 16/12/09

UNRWA and the future of Palestinian refugees

An event presented by PRC with Norman Finkelstein and Syrian Ambassador H.E. Sami Khiyami who was later ordered by the Foreign Office to stop harassing Syrians in London and expelled – see here for that and see here about his jaw-dropping appearance on Newsnight. Jeremy Corbyn and Jenny Tonge are reported as providing details of their humanitarian mission to Syria (referred to earlier)

Reported by PRC – see here


  • 13/01/09

PRC launches A week of Actions for Palestinian Victims and Gaza War

On 13th of January a key event will kick off where speakers from Gaza, British MPs and special guest from occupied Jerusalem will take part. PRC announced, Clare Short MP, Baroness Jenny Tonge, Bob Marshall – Andrews MP, Jeremy Corbyn MP will participate in the event

Middle East Expert, Peter Eyre, will deliver a detailed presentation on the broader consequences of the war and the siege which is having a devastating effect in Gaza.

Reported by PRC – see here

Again the extraordinary Peter Eyre giving a ‘detailed presentation’. See this post for more on him.

Overall, it’s quite a list,  quite a group of people and quite an association. For more on Peter Eyre and Paul Laduree click here for a post about them.

See here for some more background on PRC from their ideological opponents in 2009;



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