Anatomy of a Complaint…

1 04 2014

Category; Middle East, Media



bbc-1728x800_cGiven the interest in the BBC Trust’s recent upholding of my complaint – see here – I am sharing the documentation for the previous stages of the complaints process.

Here’s a short outline of the different stages you go through; I’ve broken it up into rounds (the BBC term for each stage is in brackets).

If you click on the heading it will take you to the relevant post, with attached documents:

First Round ( Stage 1A)

Complain via complaints website.


Second Round ( Stage 1B)

If you are dissatisfied with the answer, you can renew your complaint, again via the website.


Third Round (Stage 2)

Renew your complaint, to the the Editorial Complaints Unit, taking into account the answers to First and Second Rounds. If they intend to reject your complaint they will write to you saying why and offering you the opportunity to comment before they do. They then make a final ruling.


Fourth Round (Appeal to BBC Trust)

Write an appeal to the BBC Trust, taking into account the answers given in the First, Second and Third Rounds. The Trust takes very few appeals. If it is accepted it will go to…


Fifth Round (BBC Trust Editorial Standards Committee)

A briefing pack is prepared for this, including comments from the journalist who put together the report. You have the opportunity to make observations on it.


Sixth & Seventh Round (BBC Trust ESC Ruling)

A draft of the ruling the ESC intends to make is sent with another opportunity for comments. (Sixth Round)

The final report is released on the internet. (Seventh Round)




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