BBC Trust Ruling on Kevin Connolly

26 03 2014

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imagesThe BBC Trust has released its ruling on my complaint about a Radio 4 Today Programme report. As already noted the ruling confirms the report was inaccurate and misleading. See page 4 and pages 9 -23.


It is not clear what the BBC will do to ‘remedy’ the breach, nor what Kevin Connolly thinks about it all. His colleague Jeremy Bowen has rejected the last BBC Trust decision against him. It is difficult to see how Connolly can square spending almost three years defending what he considers to have been sterling work to be told by his regulator that it is in fact rotten journalism.

 update: it has since become clear what the BBC did to remedy the breach; absolutely nothing. No comment, statement or clarification of any sort. They ignored my subsequent complaint that they had failed to abide by S.3 of their guidelines:

BBC Guidelines S.3

We should normally acknowledge serious factual errors and correct such mistakes quickly, clearly and appropriately.

Click on the image to go to the report – or click here

Trust ruling


For The Times report on the ruling click here or in the image:

The Times 17/3/14



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