BBC in Denial

22 03 2014

Category; Middle East, Media



It’s not just what’s in the news; it’s also what’s not. The BBC has solidly ignored the speech by Iran’s Supreme Leader denying the Holocaust – reported here.

Instead they have a positive story on Iranian statements about the prospects for a nuclear deal, with a photograph of the smiling Foreign Minister – see here.

At a time when the well turned-out and permanently smiling Foreign Minister is on an international charm offensive with the new and famously Moderate President, it seems the West (especially Europe) has set the reset button with Iran, like Secretary of State Hilary Clinton did with Russia – see here. With a nuclear capable Iran they need to be careful about which big red button gets pressed.
And the reset with Russia has had something of a setback recently with the annexation of part of Ukraine – an event that has revealed something that most thinking people thought was impossible; that Mitt Romney and Sarah Palin were right about something – see here.
There is a clue in Ayatollah Khamenei’s job title; Supreme Leader. It doesn’t get much more specific than that. And when the Supreme Leader speaks, he should be listened to, even if some people find what he says inconvenient. And we cannot listen if no one at the BBC allows us to hear.



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