BBC Complaint Upheld

17 03 2014

Category; Middle East, Media

The Times is today reporting that the BBC Trust is to censure Middle East Correspondent Kevin Connolly for a report on the Today programme on Radio 4 in 2011. They have ruled that Connolly’s report was inaccurate and misleading; the ruling is the culmination of my complaint to the BBC almost three years ago.

The BBC Trust has embargoed their report on the complaint (hence my heavy hinting in my last post – click here) but The Times has run the story.

The BBC’s handling of the complaint was characterised by delay at every stage, and when forced to respond they have  responded with intellectual dishonesty. Rather than seeing the complaint as an attempt to ensure accurate and fair reporting they have treated it as a gratuitous attack on the corporation and the correspondent.

Here is a a link to The Times report (it’s behind a paywall unfortunately). Click here or on the image below to see the report:

The Times 17/3/14

And here is a link to a post with the report itself and the reasons for the complaint – Denry; Facts that Matter

More to follow…



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