Deconstructing Harry

25 08 2012

Category: Law, Media, Privacy

Same guy, different set of photos

In allowing himself to be photographed, naked, or as they’d say in Nevada, butt naked, in the high-roller suite of a Las Vegas casino, with an equally naked young woman, or as they’d say in Nevada, a hottie, whose acquaintance could be measured more in minutes than hours, Prince Harry, or as they’d say in Windsor, His Royal Highness Prince Henry Charles Albert David of Wales, has proven himself the heir to his great great great grandfather Edward VII (click here), and a bit of an idiot.

But should the newspapers be publishing those photos? The short answer is;  yeah, why not?

Of course, that’s not to say they needed to be published, it’s just seriously; why not?


Because of Leveson of course. But what does that mean? Nothing has changed since before Lord Justice Leveson started enquiring; the regulatory framework, such as it is, is unchanged. Granted hacking into the voicemails of missing teenagers seems a bit less popular but Harry’s photos have nothing to do with that

The Climate

But if the regulations are unchanged then maybe the climate of what is acceptable has altered. But what is meant by ‘the climate‘? It simply means what newspapers can get away with.

They might say they’re publishing because of the issues it highlights relating to security – click here, but as any tabloid editor would put it; that is an ex post facto rationale. They publish because people want to buy a paper that publishes that sort of thing. Their concern at a change in the climate is simply a concern as to what will make or stop people buying their paper.

The Sun got the ‘climate’ wrong some years back in its coverage of the Hillsborough disaster. The Sun is still not taken on Merseyside – click here.


Aha, yes, of course:

Private property + Naked (man + woman) = Privacy.

That is a lesson taught to us all by Max Mosley, but thankfully unlike the lesson administered to him it has not been instilled by 5 scantily clad young women wielding canes – click here.

But. But privacy isn’t absolute . The News of the World had claimed the Mosley beating session (by a hottie in striped pyjamas while he spoke German) had a Nazi theme, but the court found there was not enough evidence of that. Had a Nazi theme been established then it would have raised issues of public import given his father was leader of the British Union of Fascists and nominated Gauleiter of Britain on the event of Nazi invasion.

Harry’s stripey uniform and German accent is this; he is 3rd in line to the throne. Third in line to be Head of State of the UK, overseas territories and possessions and many Commonwealth countries – click here. The current incumbent is advanced in years, the heir is no spring chicken and is not popular. So an unfortunate illness here, an accident there and he’s in with a very real and not just a sporting chance.

And apart from head of state, the thing he has a real chance of is becoming is Defender of the Faith – click here. The British monarch ( head of the Church of England) also has that title.

It’s not my faith, but the fact he’s a sleazy opportunist who picks up honeys in Las Vegas casinos and allows himself to be photographed naked with them in company may just be relevant to that.



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