A Tale of Two Fathers

7 07 2012

Category: Politics

An off-hand remark by a Prime Minister and the state of a nation is revealed. Who’s the Prime Minister, and what did he say?

Tony Blair, ever, you know, quotable, told a cabinet colleague (click here) that he wanted his children to go to an elite school because he didn’t want them ending up like Harold Wilson’s children.

“I want them to do better than that.”

Thanks to the Daily Mail’s seeming obsession with Prime Ministers’ children we can see what happened to both Prime Ministers’ children.

So what did happen to Harold Wilson’s children that was so terrible?

Well, one is an Open University Mathematics Professor, who also has a degree in music – see here –  and the other became a teacher. It says a lot about the values of our leaders when that is seen as a terrible fate for your children.

Actually, and thank you Daily Mail, the story does not end there. Wilson’s son, who was a teacher, achieved a lifetime ambition a few years ago and became a train driver – see here. A man living in the way he wants to, doing what he wants to, what an awful fate, Tony.

And now a few years have passed we can see how Tony’s ambitions for his own son have been fulfilled.

His son is an investment banker. He was most recently in the newspapers with his mother, who is a judge, for apparently breaching planning regulations for commercial advantage see here, and here, and here.

No, Tony, your son hasn’t ended up like Harold Wilson’s sons.



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