So That’s What He’s Up To

4 10 2011

Category; Middle East, Politics, Rowan Laxton

Rowan Laxton apparently has a new role: Website is reporting that he has been appointed Senior Political Officer to UNPOS – see here. It’s the UN office for Somalia.

A search of the UNPOS site and press releases reveals nothing, and a search of the UN site reveals nothing. The news does explain why he was meeting Somalis in Starbucks recently – click herealthough unfortunately the site is in Somali.

UNPOS’s press officer is Susannah Price, who was the BBC’s Islamabad Correspondent at around the same time Laxton was Head of Chancery for the UK High Commission there. She was recruited to the UN after working as the BBC’s UN Correspondent.

So…is he working for the UN permanently or has he been seconded from the Foreign Office? What’s he been doing for the past couple of years? When did he take up the UNPOS role? More questions about the senior diplomat who works in secret.



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