“The Grotesque Chaos”

30 06 2011

Category; Politics

I realise not everyone follows Minnesota politics… in case you don’t, they are facing a budget crisis.

If the Governor and legislature don’t agree on a new budget by Midnight on 1st July, the shutdown starts. I’ve posted here before about America and the spectre of budget impasse. 

Minnesota is currently and in orderly fashion preparing for the shutdown; deciding what exactly is an absolutely essential service. 

It is the orderly and civilised way this is happening that brought to mind a speech by a British Politician of a generation ago. It was a different crisis, but the words fit. 

I am telling you, no matter how entertaining, how fulfilling to short term egos … I’m telling you; you can’t play politics with people’s jobs and with people’s services.

It’s your state, they’re you’re politicians, you elected them. They are playing politics and, right now, you have a right to be mad as hell.



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