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24 06 2011

Category; Politics

With the behaviour of French male politicians in the spotlight (click here for the latest investigation) it’s interesting to stumble across a quote from 4 years ago, written by Yasmina Reza, after spending a year on the campaign trail with Nicolas Sarkozy. To set the scene; they’re on an aeroplane:

She’s not afraid of us, he says, speaking of the stewardess, who smiles as she passes. It’s almost humiliating she’s not afraid of us. Everybody knows politicians are sex fiends.

p.112, Dawn, Dusk or Night – A Year With Nicolas Sarkozy, Yasmina Reza, Alfred A. Knopf, New York, 2008

Later in the campaign they’re in a smart restaurant in Nice:

To his right the young blonde, showing shoulder, tells him every night she dreams about him. He whispers to me, she’s telling me every night I dream about you. Isn’t that stunning? I say, uh, yes…Listen, that’s really touching (letting his hand wander down the back next to him…). I say, touching might not be the word…What, she’s adorable, this girl! Do you see how that’s decked out? Nothing cheap there, and have you had the white chocolate mousse?…I say, Nicolas, behave, don’t forget you want to be President…He laughs his child’s laugh, he strokes his head, a bit troubled, leaving is forgotten, the girl is pressed against him, he drinks his limoncello, he says, This place is magic, everything is magic. Tonight. 




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