Stay Home Sami

28 04 2011

Category: Middle East, Law, Politics

Syria finally understands the power of the international community. It has seen what happens to a state that unleashes tanks against its own people: Sami Khiyami, Syrian Ambassador to London, has had his invitation to the Royal wedding withdrawn.

KAPOW – that’s shown them not to trample on human rights. KABOOM – they’ll think twice before killing another 450 citizens.

While the West intervenes in Libya – and it is the West doing the intervening – with Syria there is a struggle to secure even measured and mumbled condemnation.

The UN security council debates a resolution calling for Syrian ‘restraint‘ – no more. But thanks to Russia, China, India and Lebanon it cannot pass even that resolution. The European Union won’t do or say anything because, according to EU President Van Rompuy,  the Arab League doesn’t want to do or say anything. 

There is no mandate under international law to do anything, because international law is governed and directed by political will. In the case of Syria it is political won’t.

And this state, described by Mr Ambassador Khiyami a few weeks ago as ‘the nicest and most beautiful in the Middle East’,  that sends tanks against its own citizens, in international law, is in the clear.



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