Keep it Simple…

7 04 2011

Category; Politics

Normally I complain about the tendency to take complex issues and reduce them to the simplistic.

Right now, America faces the opposite problem. Executive and legislature are locked in a dispute over the budget which, if not resolved, means the budget will not be passed and government will cease to function.

No, it doesn’t, of course, mean that, though that’s what the headlines are threatening. Government will be hampered, things that ought to get done won’t get done, people who ought to be paid won’t be paid, hassle will be created, but government will muddle through.

However there is a higher simplicity hanging over this. It is a government’s duty to do stuff. America’s government is failing that; it is a primary function of governance that stuff is done. It’s part of the job description for government.

A failure to exercise a crucial part of its activity suggests a failure in either the people or the system. And if government fails in a core activity, that damages the trust that people have in government to do its job.

An alienated population is a high price to pay for political grandstanding.



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