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5 09 2010

Category: Media, Middle East, Politics, Anti-Semitism

Peter Hitchens, writing today, has a bee in his bonnet about the BBC;

The BBC remains reliably pro-EU, pro-PC, anti-Israel…

An example he might have pointed out was the BBC’s coverage of the remarks by EU Trade Commissioner Karel de Gucht. On 2nd Spetember de Gucht said on Belgian radio that Jews are not rational and cannot be reasoned with when it comes to the Middle East. He also said that America is in the grip of the Jewish lobby.

Hardly surprisingly the remarks sparked a storm of protest and condemnation, especially coming a few days after a German Bundesbank board member said that Jews have a gene that distinguishes them from others.

The EU Trade Commissioner is one of the most important figures not just in Europe but the world; representing Europe in discussions and negotiations involving the global economy.

So what was wrong with the way the BBC handled de Gucht’s comments?

They didn’t. They covered them in no way at all.

According to the BBC it didn’t happen and does not exist. It’s not just what you publish; it’s also what you don’t.

The BBC has previously reported remarks made by Mr de Gucht; a few years ago when he compared the Dutch Prime Minister to Harry Potter. Clearly a much more important story.

The Independent covered the story, barely, as a footnote to a story questioning Israeli PM Netanyahu’s willingness to make peace.

For fuller coverage turn to The Guardian, The Telegraph and the Daily Mail.



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