The Supernanny State

4 09 2010

Category: Politics, Media

The most important politician in the UK is Jo Frost.

Huh? Supernanny?

There are lots of people who knock ‘Supernanny’ and her programmes. They mock her methods and sometimes accuse her of staging things, they bundle her in the Reality TV genre that has infested the schedules.

They entirely miss the point. Supernanny is the most moving story on television. Human tales of misery and despair, of dysfunctional families at breaking point. It is horrifying, agonising, heartwrenching, uplifting viewing.

But what’s that got to do with politics?

Jo Frost works with families whose children are going off the rails. Children going off the rails become unhappy and dysfunctional adults who have unhappy and dysfunctional family relationships in a spreading web of misery.

She takes unhappy families and improves them, creating better relationships and better people who will be more positively engaged with each other and with their communities.

She saves children who are destined for lives of misery, she saves the marriages of parents who can no longer cope.

And through millions of viewers she communicates her simple and straightforward techniques for improving family life across the world.

How many politicians can claim to have such a positive influence on the level of individuals, families, and on society as a whole? None.



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