American Isolationism

11 08 2010
Category: Media

The New York Times is a very good newspaper: It’s global edition, the International Herald Tribune, may well be the best daily newspaper on sale in the UK, but its website (see the excerpt above) does no favours for correcting stereotypes of American ignorance about global affairs.

It’s three months since David Cameron became Prime Minister of the UK but no-one at the New York Times has noticed.

And there seems to be another cultural problem: ‘Chief of State‘. That’s defined by the Merriam Webster Dictionary (an American Dictionary) as ‘the formal head of a national state as distinguished from the head of the government.’

Who in the UK is, of course, not Gordon, or David, but Elizabeth; Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth.

Similar cultural misunderstandings were at work in 1983 when America invaded Grenada to overthrow the government. The British were livid they had neglected to consult or inform the Head of State; the same woman in a different role; Queen Elizabeth, Queen of Grenada. It never occurred to them; they hadn’t realised.

And as for ‘…slightly smaller than Oregon‘, well really!



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