Spontaneous documentary

2 08 2010

Category; Film/movie

You’re on a plane next to some old guy who wants to talk. So what do you do, reach for the ipod?

Not if you’re Danielle Lurie; you reach for the video camera and make a documentary. Thirty minutes spontaneous filming is all it takes to make a lovely film when you have the right instincts and recognise you have the right subject.

Jack is on his way from California to Washington D.C. to meet Betty. They were sweethearts at High School. Marriage, life, thousands of miles and 62 years intervened.

They recently got in contact again via the computer;

“Does she look the same?”

“Oh no, she didn’t age very well at all. But I don’t care.”

And now he’s minutes away from seeing her again…

A sweet film that shows what you can do as a film-maker when you know exactly what you’re doing.



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