15 07 2010

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Weeks have passed since it was revealed (click here for article) that Russian agents had used forged British passports.

As already noted this has not met with quite the indignation that arose when Israel was accused of using forged UK passports.

To be a little more scientific about things I’ve had a look at all specific questions about misuse of passports in Parliament in the past month or so, and the country to which they relate.

Here they are. (click on the headline or under the photo to see the list)

Click on the name and you’ll be taken to Hansard, the parliamentary record:

June 10

Nicholas Soames (Conservative) – Israel

June 14

Nicholas Soames (Conservative) – Israel

June 15

Nicholas Soames (Conservative) – Israel

June 29

Caroline Lucas (Green) – Israel

July 1

Baroness Jenny Tonge (Lib Dem) – Israel

July 6

David Morris (Conservative) – Russia

July 12

Nicholas Soames (Conservative) – Israel

July 12

Andy Slaughter (Labour) – Israel

July 13

Andy Slaughter (Labour) – Israel

Spot the odd one out?

Yes it’s David Morris on July 6, and if you look at the question it’s a very gentle one; merely asking if the Foreign Secretary had received notification from the US of use of a forged British passport.

He’s told that it’s ‘primarily a matter for the US authorities’.



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