The Saucy Spy

6 07 2010

Category: LawMedia, Privacy

Anna Chapman is, allegedly, a Russian spy. She’s also young and  good looking, which makes it acceptable for her British ex-husband to sell intimate photographs of her to a British newspaper and for that newspaper to publish them.

Now that we have laws protecting privacy we still need to counter the idea that someone who is alleged to have done something ‘bad’ or ‘wrong’ loses all those rights. They don’t.

Just because Anna Chapman has been arrested doesn’t mean she can have her privacy and her dignity robbed from her. Even if she were convicted she still has a right to those things.

The News of the World thinks it can get away with it because what are the chances a Russian spy will sue them? I hope she does, and if she does I hope she wins.

Click here to see the article and, in your own small way, intrude on this woman’s privacy, just like I did.

(UPDATE – The News of the World is now a subscription site – click here to see a photo of the page from the paper.)



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