The New Class

9 04 2010

Category: Politics

United Nations

Robin Shepherd gives an interesting analysis of the culture of the UK Foreign Office in Standpoint magazine.

He applies Milovan Djilas’ writings (about the privileged “New Class” of Yugoslavia) to explain how this diplomatic class has its own interests in which it acts, alongside its role in international diplomacy…

Their class interests lie in a multilateral world as they form the natural leadership for those global institutions.

In his view it explains hostility to the US, the power that has least need of those institutions, and attraction to the EU as an international body with great promise for their class. He goes on to say:

Hence its propensity to side against Israel in order to preserve good relations with the dictatorships and tyrannies whose cooperation is essential for for the effective pursuit of multilateralism – the Holy Grail of the new class’s global ambitions.



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