Rowan Laxton and Derek Pasquill

30 10 2009

Category: Middle East, Politics, Rowan Laxton

I was hoping that one of the after-effects of  Foreign Office senior civil servant Rowan Laxton’s conviction might be a little more transparency about the culture of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

The thing that troubled me is that such views don’t come from nowhere. They don’t emerge fully formed one day in the gym. They are the manifestation of a belief that will have informed his thinking and behaviour for many years. And it is improbable that his views had never been vocalised with colleagues before. Which should make one wonder – what does it say about the culture of the Foreign Office that this man rose to its senior ranks?

We have an answer in the case of Derek Pasquill; a career civil servant who was so appalled at the way the Foreign Office seemed to him to be turning into a front for the Muslim Brotherhood that he began to leak documents to the New Statesman and the Observer. There’s an article about him in the magazine Standpoint – click to open a link.



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